Story Overview

Another world, ruled by sword and sorcery has been thrown into chaos by an outsider who introduced technology that can control magic.

Finn is a unwitting engineer, the second outsider to arrive in this strange new world. He is met by the sorceress Nara, Kuroraki the belligerent knight and Reaezinus, a dragon with his own secretive agenda.

Together they piece together Finn’s secrets and his relation to the first outsider that has seized control of the land, but not before the situation begin to unravel…


Update Schedule

Deverish Also is updated with a new page most Tuesdays.


How it’s made

All of Deverish Also is created digitally using Smith Micro Manga Studio EX for penciling, inking and toning; Adobe InDesign for lettering and page layout; and Lightwave for 3D backgrounds.


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