For the past 2 years, Deverish Also has been posted under the Studio Anti Thesis banner, and has slowly grown a small audience.

But, I’ve wanted to create a site with it own distinctive design and neat features, like being able to post a reply and discuss each page, a gallery, and later on some ho-to’s and videos of the how and why of Deverish Also. I’ve been wanting to step up and start pushing & promoting Deverish Also now that I’ve got more than 80 pages to show.

I won’t stop updating Deverish Also on the Studio Anti Thesis site, so if you like reading it here, you can. But, will be site site where all the extras and commentary will be.

On another note, if you’re into this whole twitter thing, you can follow me personally @firebookduo or if you just want a reminder when new pages and content show up, follow @deverishalso.